I’ve been a stand up for many more years than my fresh, silky soft skin would suggest. Many
people say to me, “I couldn’t do that, it’s the hardest job in the world”. And to those people I always
say, ‘No it’s not”. Sometimes I add, ‘But if you’re saying that, you’re right. You probably couldn’t do it’.

I’ve been on Live At The Comedy Store (Comedy Central) and The Stand Up Show (BBC1).
I'm lucky in that more much successful friends such as Greg Davies and Rhod Gilbert have employed me to  support them on their tours.

I’ve performed many shows at The Edinburgh Fringe. Here are some of the nicer
things that reviewers said:
‘Such fun... an appealing hour of biographical stand up’
The Guardian (Pick of the day)
‘Barry makes a wonderful companion for an hour. He is a fantastic storyteller and invites you along to the crazy and odd tales that pepper his life, from times travelling to more intimate and personal events. He’s easy to listen to and you are guaranteed to think he’s stopped his show 40 minutes early, because the time just flies by.’
The Fix (One of the 5 picks of the Fringe)
Three Weeks
‘Castagnola has crafted a delightfully enjoyable portrait of himself as a young man…well constructed…so enjoyable’
‘A natural anecdote teller... his enjoyable show marks him out as one to watch.’
The List
‘A confident, likeable comic ... it's his self deprecating bemusement that provides the most hilarity’
‘His blokey charm and willingness to make himself look ridiculous carry him through the trickiest of subject matter’ 
‘A satire on stand up, comedy agents and much more, it is also hysterically funny, faced paced and full of energy...an unmissable show.’
GQ (Top 10 Picks of the Fringe)
‘A hugely entertaining show...great creations, sharp in-jokes...silly fun.’
‘The use of film is brilliant and innovative. A confrontational, energetic and fantastic piece of character comedy’
The Donny Donkins ‘AS (hopefully soon to be) SEEN ON TV!’ Show
I was fully aware that Barry Castagnola was an extremely funny comedy actor who makes clever use of AV to enhance his performance...There can be no doubt in my mind that this is the best show I have seen him perform, the belly laughs were plentiful.
Brilliant character-driven show...bold with some amazing observations and some really funny moments...Donny offers a show that really stands out.
The New Current
This show is a true car-crash of a classic, a madcap dash through the world of dodgy TV, driven furiously by Castagnola’s relentlessly funny Donny Donkins...a perfect way to put a smile on your face at the fringe...The audience were often in stitches and I reckon this is probably the best fiver you’ll spend all festival.
Mumble Comedy
Barry Castagnola’s Donny Donkins...brings a fully formed, bouncing and confident character to the stage.
Edinburgh Fringe Festival Review
From the very beginning when the stage manager has to prompt him onstage to the finale with the Donny Donkins theme song, Castagnola never lets up. This relentless pursuit is tinged with the appropriate pathos as well as comic gems that keeps the show flowing….This production had the entire audience in stitches...it shall last long in my memory. It is the best fiver I have spent in a long time.
The Swingers
‘Swingers is a sharply observed unromantic comedy that mixes live action with pre-recorded video sequences. Inhabiting a territory between sitcom and sketch show, Swingers is a hugely entertaining and intelligent piece of character comedy that should arouse the interest of the BBC's comedy unit.’
‘This is straight down the line, old-fashioned hilarious…like watching Mike Leigh played for laughs…hysterically funny. This has got fabulous comedy acting, good characterisation and crisp writing. It really could be expanded and deserves an audience beyond the Fringe.’
‘Film sequences are used to hilarious effect with perfect timing and some brilliant character acting.’
The List
‘Fantastically innovative and astonishingly funny.’
The List
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